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Traditionally, in the Christmas season we invite the priest to our company, to give us blessings. This year pastoral visit took place on Thursday, 11th January. Orison was inaugurated by father Piotr, whom we would like to thank say cordially: God bless you!      …

XXV Christmas meeting anniversary

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Corporate Eve is only best wishes as always. Festive meeting for Chomik’s employers was taking place at 17th December, this time not in our office, but in Dworek Emilii located in Tomaszkowice. Why? Becauseour staff is so big, that we needed more space to freely give one’s best wishes and sing carols. Father Grzegorz Piątek,…

Easter decorations – Spring – The new collection

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Every year, with happiness and enthusiasm we welcome the spring. Each next one is foreshadowing a season full of new colours, smells and sounds. „Easter decorations – spring catalog” is a collection of selected articles, which are made for creating unique atmosphere in your house and garden. Diversity of shapes, materials and colorings make that…