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New Catalog Garden Articles 2024/2025

We are pleased to present the Garden Articles Catalog 2024/2025 with the latest collection of the Chomik offer. Sowing vegetables and planting trees, raking leaves, caring for plants, looking after the crops, tidying up the area.

Therefore, in the starting season, we focused on enriching the current offer. The catalog includes even more greenhouses and tunnels as well as other accessories for growing plants that were previously very popular. We have introduced even more standard and premium quality tools, tailored to the needs of both amateurs and professionals.

In addition, traditionally you will find in the catalog: poles and garden supports, planting and irrigation accessories, garden tools and carts, traps and deterrents, lamps.

When designing new collections, we always take into account the choices and suggestions of our clients. This catalog is our joint album illustrating the trends and needs of greenery lovers. We invite you to watch!

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