Christmas decorations

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The catalog “Christmas decorations 2021/2022” is an album in which Polish tradition is harmoniously intertwined with the latest trends in the field of Christmas design.

This year, we have once again prepared a collection of elegant and atmospheric Christmas ornaments and decorations. We want to satisfy the tastes of all our customers, which is why we create Christmas decorations by following and observing the latest trends. How many regions, so many customs – including decorations and holiday decorations.

A wide range of fashionable Christmas decorations includes glass baubles and baubles made of unbreakable material. In addition, we offer a collection of Christmas ceramic figurines in the latest shapes and colors. A large selection of illuminated wood ornaments and new designs of children’s favorite Christmas gnomes and reindeers.

During the holiday preparations, classic Christmas balls, chains, Santa’s socks filled with gifts to the brim, atmospheric lighting and fire-imitating lanterns, which will be a unique decoration of your home, must not be missing. Textile Advent calendars will come in handy while you are waiting for this special time of Christmas. And this is just a foretaste of what we have prepared!

We invite you to our Christmas decorations pattern shop. The invitation is addressed in particular to retail chains, wholesalers and stores that want to stock up on the upcoming Christmas. Don’t wait for the last minute. Take advantage of our wide range of Christmas decorations and place an order now.

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