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    Christmas decorations
    Christmas decorations
    Preserves articules
    Preserves articules


    We have opened a new large hall, thanks to which our warehouse space increased by almost 25 percent. Thanks to the new investment, our clients will gain a larger range and even more efficient service. The hall with an area of 1700 square meters was built in a record time of 12 months. In addition […]

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    Traditionally, in the Christmas season we invite the priest to our company, to give us blessings. This year pastoral visit took place on Thursday, 11th January. Orison was inaugurated by father Piotr, whom we would like to thank say cordially: God bless you!      

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    Corporate Eve is only best wishes as always. Festive meeting for Chomik’s employers was taking place at 17th December, this time not in our office, but in Dworek Emilii located in Tomaszkowice. Why? Becauseour staff is so big, that we needed more space to freely give one’s best wishes and sing carols. Father Grzegorz Piątek, […]

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    Every year, with happiness and enthusiasm we welcome the spring. Each next one is foreshadowing a season full of new colours, smells and sounds. „Easter decorations – spring catalog” is a collection of selected articles, which are made for creating unique atmosphere in your house and garden. Diversity of shapes, materials and colorings make that […]

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                Świętowaliśmy, bo jak tu się nie cieszyć? Jeszcze rok i będziemy mogli się pochwalić tym, że istniejemy na rynku ćwierć wieku! Cały czas dojrzewamy, rozwijamy się i absolutnie się nie starzejemy 😉 Wręcz przeciwnie – chcemy nadążać za najnowszymi trendami, wykorzystywać nowe technologie i najnowocześniejsze rozwiązania zarówno dotyczące produkcji […]

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    The history of our company

    Those who do not know which port they are heading to are not favored by any wind. /Seneka Młodszy/

    The place where we are today is the fruit of many years of work, experiences, thoughts, feelings and relationships.

    Chomik company was established as a company selling jars, and today is a leader in Lesser Poland in terms of distribution and sales of the industry range

    Household appliances, processing and winemaking, recreational accessories, products for the garden and interior items - Christmas and Easter decorations.

    A long path is behind us, and ahead of us - may it be even longer!

    Chomik Calendar

    3. VIII 1993 – Establishment of a company dealing in the sale of jars. 7 people work at Chomik company.

    1995 – Expansion of warehouse space and employment of further employees. The crew of the Chomik company already consists of 20 people.

    2000 – Commissioning of a modern exhibition hall. Chomik's first participation in the DOMEXPO Household Appliances Fair in Poznań.

    2001 – Utworzenie nowego działu – MegaHurt, obsługującego sprzedaż hurtową na terenie całej Polski. Zaistnienie firmy na rynkach zagranicznych, rozwój eksportu produktów do Estonii, Holandii, Czech i Słowacji.

    2006 – Establishment of a new department - MegaHurt, supporting wholesale sales throughout Poland. The company's presence on foreign markets, development of product exports to Estonia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    2007 – Opening of a modern sales hall with an area of ​​750 sq m

    2008 – The dynamic development of import of products from the Far East and the decision to build another office and warehouse hall.

    2010 – Extending the offer with products from Turkey and further expanding sales space. Obtaining the Forbes Diamond award.

    2011 – Another Forbes 'Diamond' for Chomik company! Opening of a new warehouse space - a modern high storage hall

    2014 – Inauguration of a new office building with social and exhibition rooms.

    2015 – Commissioning of a new social room for employees of the Wholesale department. Receiving the title of "Reliable Employer 2015" in the nationwide category.

    2016 – The title of "Personality of the Year 2016" in the Business category for Marek Świeży and Zdzisław Kowalski. The third Forbes 'Diamond' for our company.

    Where are we?

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