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About us

The Chomik company has been operating on the market for 28 years. We started with the wholesale of glass jars. Now we are one of the leaders in the Home & Garden industry. Products of our brands, incl. GardenLine, CookLine and Cleanline, we import from all over the world and trade them in Poland and on international markets. Thanks to the investments, the company has its own warehouse space of 7,700 m2, with over 12,000 pallet spaces, and the construction of more halls is planned. At the company’s headquarters in Gdów, there are product showrooms, with an area of 4,000 m2. Contractors can find a wide range of products in the following categories: accessories and garden furniture, food preserving, household goods, furniture and seasonal decorations.


Flower Pots Collection 2021 – See the latest trends

Source: chomik.pl

What pots should be? At first, elegant and fashionable, because they emphasize the beauty of plants that accompany us in our immediate surroundings. Then they are durable, so that they can serve for a long time, even if they are displayed in the garden or on the terrace and exposed to changing conditions. Finally, they...