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The history of our company

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Those who do not know which port they are heading to are not favored by any wind. /Seneka Młodszy/

The place where we are today is the fruit of many years of work, experiences, thoughts, feelings and relationships.

Chomik company was established as a company selling jars, and today is a leader in Lesser Poland in terms of distribution and sales of the industry range

Household appliances, processing and winemaking, recreational accessories, products for the garden and interior items – Christmas and Easter decorations.

A long path is behind us, and ahead of us – may it be even longer!

Chomik Calendar


3. VIII 1993 – Establishment of a company dealing in the sale of jars. 7 people work at Chomik company.

1995 – Expansion of warehouse space and employment of further employees. The crew of the Chomik company already consists of 20 people.

2000 – Commissioning of a modern exhibition hall. Chomik’s first participation in the DOMEXPO Household Appliances Fair in Poznań.

2001 – Utworzenie nowego działu – MegaHurt, obsługującego sprzedaż hurtową na terenie całej Polski. Zaistnienie firmy na rynkach zagranicznych, rozwój eksportu produktów do Estonii, Holandii, Czech i Słowacji.

2006 – Establishment of a new department – MegaHurt, supporting wholesale sales throughout Poland. The company’s presence on foreign markets, development of product exports to Estonia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2007 – Opening of a modern sales hall with an area of ​​750 sq m

2008 – The dynamic development of import of products from the Far East and the decision to build another office and warehouse hall.

2010 – Extending the offer with products from Turkey and further expanding sales space. Obtaining the Forbes Diamond award.

2011 – Another Forbes ‘Diamond’ for Chomik company! Opening of a new warehouse space – a modern high storage hall

2014 – Inauguration of a new office building with social and exhibition rooms.

2015 – Commissioning of a new social room for employees of the Wholesale department. Receiving the title of “Reliable Employer 2015” in the nationwide category.

2016 – The title of “Personality of the Year 2016” in the Business category for Marek Świeży and Zdzisław Kowalski.
The third Forbes ‘Diamond’ for our company.