Preserving and winemaking

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our new catalog dedicated to products for processing. You will find everything you need to make wine and tinctures, pickle cabbage and cucumbers, marinate vegetables or prepare jams, preserves and compotes.

For wine enthusiasts, we recommend: wine balloons, gallons, barrels, carafes and bottles in various shapes and sizes. In this section you will also find devices for wine production such as squeezers, shredders, fermenters and multifunctional containers, and a novelty – universal fermentation container. The latter two articles can also be used for ensiling.

Lovers of homemade preserves from vegetables and fruits will find in the catalog jars of various types and sizes, as well as choppers, barrels, juicers, stoners and dryers for fruit and mushrooms. Ceramic containers, jugs, glasses, platters and small kitchen accessories will surely be useful in the kitchen and pantry. Plastic containers are ideal for storage – their huge assortment allows you to choose not only in size and shape, but also in colors.

The use of our products, methods of preparing wine, tinctures, preserves, dishes and desserts as well as traditional and modern recipes are presented on our blog Piwniczka Chomika and on the channel YouTube. Visit these pages and subscribe to the channel.

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